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Finished Research Projects: Since 2009

Project Funding Countries Duration
QualIndia Federal Ministry of Education and Research Germany, India 2019-2023
Multinational companies and local knowledge base German Research Foundation USA, UK, France, Japan, China, Germany 2019-2023
DualReg Federal Ministry of Education and Research Mexico 2019-2022
CodeVET                                   Federal Ministry of Education and Research Germany, China, Russia 2019-2022
Can dual apprenticeships create better and more equitable social and economic outcomes for young people? A comparative study of India and Mexico Economic & Social Research Council Mexiko, India 2018-2021
e3-Cases European Union Germany, Belgium, Poland, Czech Republic 2018-2021
BioFit: Integrating basic economic understanding into non-economic courses of study. An example of case-based university education for prospective biologists Stifterverband Germany 2018-2021
Indicators of Good VET practice for refugees (GoodVET) European Union Italy, Denmark, Austria, Germany 2017-2019
AufbaU: Tasks in Business Academic Teaching Faculty of Management, Economics and Social Sciences, University of Cologne Germany 2017-2019
Work readiness of school leavers in Germany and England: the historical roots and current manifestations of an old problem Chair of economics and business education, University of Cologne Germany, England 2014-2018
Global Strategies and Local Forms of Vocational Education and Training in German Multinational Companies German Research Foundation-DFG Germany, Mexico, India, China


Apprenticeship in the Aerospace Industry in the UK and Germany German Research Foundation-DFG Germany, England 2017-2018
Retail Sector Competencies for all Teachers (ReCall) European Union Germany, Italy, Poland 2015-2017
Policy Transfer of German VET evaluation concept to China Chair of Econics and Business Education Germany, China 2013-2017
A New Passage to India: Centre for Modern Indian Studies German Academic Exchange Service Germany, India 2010-2017
ReSeCo: Retail Sector Competencies European Union Germany, Italy, Poland 2011-2013
FiFoBi: Fit for business: Developing Business Competencies in School European Union Germany, Latvia, Austria, Poland, Portugal, Schottland, Hungaria 2009-2011
SeSoko-fit: Förderung von Selbst- und Sozialkompetenz im Hauptschulunterricht zur Weiterentwicklung der Ausbildungsreife Forschungsverband der Pädagogischen Hoschule Baden-Würtemberg Germany 2007-2010