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Professorship for Vocational and Business Education

The young artist probably painted a face. Showing face - this is important to us. 

Showing face

Didactics is dedicated to teaching and learning, and for teachers, didactics is the core of job-related studies and later professional life. Didactic thinking is fundamental to you. A fundamental question of a teacher's didactic thinking is whether they consider themselves as artists or as technicians, and thus interpret doctrines in their diversity as expressions of teaching or the application of teaching techniques.

The person and the uniqueness of the didactic situation are interrelated to the art of teaching. Thus, teaching will never ever be identical, only similar. The reason (ratio) connects with the teaching technique and its validity for all similar situations. Teaching is therefore predictable in its basic structures, manageable and easy to control. In the art of teaching, the teachers are to a certain extent the creators of an individual piece, in the case of teaching technique teachers are a tool of reason. Reason does not ask who brings it to bear. It is important to do the right thing regardless of the recipient. In contrast, the art of teaching becomes meaningful and visibile only in the face of the person.

Therefore: showing face, being a personality in the classroom is an expression of our didactic self-image. This is important to us. And we wish you will experience it too.
(from the inaugural lecture: Examples - Irritating memories for didactic thinking,  Cologne 2003)

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