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Professorship for Vocational and Business Education

The research and evaluation work supervised by the Professorship for Vocational and Business Education can be divided in three main areas:

  • Further development of Dortmund's vocational colleges into a regional vocational training centre: How can vocational colleges work together in a network and create added value in a region's educational offer through cooperation? How can strategic planning for the development of vocational colleagues be continued as a municipal task in the short and medium term?
  • Educational programme management: How can cooperation between teachers in educational programmes be organised? Which forms of cooperation and coordination have been tried and tested, e.g. for didactic annual planning?
  • Vocational education and training in the skilled trades: What contributions does vocational education and training make to securing skilled labour in the skilled trades? How is in-company training of good quality structured in a job-oriented manner in micro and small enterprises, how do trainers proceed in this process and what measures and offers from craft trade organisations support them?

In my opinion, research is diverse and should be directed towards the actors: combining interest in knowledge with knowledge of interests!