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In various courses of study, theses can be written in the field of vocational and business education. The topics presented are usually oriented to the main research areas of the topic authors.


Content Requirements:

We also assume in the Bachelor's programme that basic competences from the fields of vocational and business education and scientific work will be brought along for a thesis. We offer vocational and business education courses in the relevant degree programmes and expect you to have successfully completed them beforehand. (You will find the examination requirements at the respective examination office.) Courses for scientific work are offered in the Studium Integrale and are also available as open courses. In our Bachelor courses, which conclude with a seminar paper, academic work is also the subject of the courses.


We expect you to approach us with an idea. In the Bachelor of Business Administration (PO 2015) we offer a Bachelor of Business Administration seminar every second semester.

Contact Persons:

In the Bachelor's programme, please contact the research assistants or the academic senior counsellor; in the Master's- and State Examination Course, please conact the professors or the academic senior counsellor.

General Information:

We expect you to submit written work in a legible format. We also expect you to work scientifically. In particular, the use of quoations - even in modified wording - must be indicated by a reference (with page number)..We also expect a scientifically appropriate language style and gender appropriate notation. We do not specify a specific citation style or exact layout requirements.