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Research profile, focus and projects


Research profile

At the professorship, we pursue design-oriented, evaluative-constructive research that focuses on the human being. In order to realize this kind of research, close cooperation with other scientists and the participants of different institutions of vocational education and training is a central concern for us.

In addition to gaining theoretical knowledge, our research is always concerned with developing concrete concepts for vocational education and training, evaluating them and developing them further on this basis, and drawing consequences for the curricular and didactic design of degree programmes. 

Against this background, there are two main perspectives that we pursue in our research projects, namely

  • a subject-oriented economic didactic research, in particular with regard to the curricular and didactic design of vocational training programmes and the reconstruction and analysis of teaching-learning processes for the further development of vocational colleges, curricula and teaching,
  • a teacher training research focusing on the specific and demanding professional, pedagogical and didactic requirements of teachers at vocational colleges

Research focus

  • (learning field-oriented) curriculum and teaching development at vocational colleges
  • organisation and cooperation of vocational colleges in regional networks
  • subject orientation in vocational and business education research as well as in curriculum and teaching development at vocational colleges and in university teaching
  • design of a theory-based reflexive teacher training course