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Multi-Perspective VET Typology

Aim of the approach

Placing a VET system within a typology is the first stage towards identifying requirements for adaptation and therefore offers potential for designing programmes. The following approach aims to build a typology that acknowledges the complexity of VET systems and the extent to which they are an integral part of a country’s general education system, employment environment, and social system (see also Deißinger 1995, p. 372) by combining different perspectives from sociology, political science and also VET pedagogy. Our approach integrates different elements at all three relevant levels of VET, but aims specifically to analyse the micro-level, the level of concrete teaching and learning. This is important because it is ultimately at this level that the product of any educational process is developed. An overview of further typology approaches can be found here.

Dimensions of the Typology

In order to analyse and describe VET-systems, we need to consider the macro- , the meso- and the micro-level:

Typologisation of different national VET systems

Below, we allocate individual countries to the typology for illustrative purposes. The main aim here is to demonstrate how the typologisation works. Consequently, we shall not present each country in detail and will only outline the consequences of each assessment in the context of the dimensions used.

Categorising the findings for individual countries