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IJTD - International Journal of Training and Development

The "International Journal of Training and Development" (IJTD) provides a platform for publications by researchers and other authors whose research and activities focus primarily on vocational training and related fields of education. The IJTD has a multidisciplinary orientation and focuses, among other aspects, on economic and political developments as well as scientific approaches and findings in the context of initial and continuing vocational education and training or training activities. With its claim to high-quality conceptual or empirical research, the journal's central objective is particularly to promote an international dialogue on the topic of "vocational education and training" and to strengthen cooperation between research, policy and practice. In addition, the research results and findings published in the numerous and scientifically based publications in the journal are intended to contribute to improving the initial and continuing vocational training of skilled workers.
The English-language publications of the IJTD are available online on the pages of the Wiley Online Library.

Besides Prof. Dr. Matthias Pilz (University of Cologne) as Editor-in-Chief, Prof. Dr. Kothandaraman Kumar (Indian Institute of Management, India), Prof. Dr. Jun Li (Tongji University, China), Asst. Prof. Dr. Jay Plasman (Ohio State University, USA) and Prof. Dr. Volker Wedekind (Nottingham University, UK) are Associate Editors for the IJTD. Further persons belonging to the editorial board can be found on the IJTD homepage.